Sometimes stress, confusion and fear around money get in the way of us taking leaps we would otherwise take.

Is it possible you’re tolerating stress around your finances because you’re afraid of the alternative? If you had your financial shit together, you couldn’t use financial stress as a reason not to take that leap.

Just consider it. Changing your job, starting a business, buying a house, having a baby, all of those things are easier when you feel confident and in control of your finances.

Perhaps you’re allowing disorganized and confusing finances to hinder you from taking that next bold step.

If this thought resonates with you, then explore it. Consider that this has been an unconscious, limiting belief at play in your thoughts and impacting your actions.

The beauty of recognizing a previously unconscious thought is that you now have the power to create a new thought. A thought you consciously think and use to empower yourself.

“I will be successful in my new business.”

“I’m ready to become a mom.”

“The perfect job is waiting for me to apply, and I’m ready to take the next step.”

If your newly created thought empowers you (and please don’t stop exploring it until it does), you won’t tolerate confusion around your money. You won’t let disorganized or chaotic finances get in the way of going after what you want!

You’re not limited to unconscious thoughts that often lead to disempowered behavior. At any time, you can create new thoughts that lead to new actions & results.

What thought would you need to think to get your financial shit together?

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