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Amy Scott teaches couples a better way to budget – and why it may be the most important thing they ever do.

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Theres a better way to budget Events Amy Scott

There’s a better way to budget.

As a married couple, you want to feel like you’re doing the best you can with your money, but you often have a nagging feeling you could be doing better. You may be making good money, but you don’t always feel in control of where it’s going.

Amy’s workshops teach you a budgeting system carefully designed to help you make the most of your money, together.

Learn how to go from good enough to great with your money.

Amy’s live workshop,

“Master Your Budget: From Surviving to Thriving”

Master Your Budget From Surviving to Thriving Events Amy Scott

Teaches you to:

Understand why your past efforts to budget have failed and how to fix the problem.

Budget in a way that sets you up to make the most of your money, together.

Feel confident and in control of your finances no matter what.

A lighthearted workshop packed with a life-transforming punch.


Refreshingly relaxed.

Money is a sensitive topic, but Amy has a way of making it light and engaging.

Humorously relatable.

See yourself in her examples and laugh your way to understanding.

Wildly practical.

Leave equipped with techniques to organize your personal finances right away.

Amy Scott Financial Coaching Consulting Baltimore MD speaking testimonial JoanneGary

After Amy’s presentation, our financial conversations are no longer from guilt and upset but rather from confidence and power. We’ve been able to apply the tools that we learned to become debt-free and are solidly prepared for retirement in six years!

– Joanne & Gary

Amy Scott Financial Coaching Consulting Baltimore MD speaking testimonial emillie

. . . I left feeling SO empowered. My husband and I have often struggled to stick to a budget because our personalities seem so different, but Amy really made me feel like it’s possible when we focus on our goals and follow the advice she shared.

– Emilie

Amy Scott Financial Coaching Consulting Baltimore MD speaking testimonial curtis kelly

Amy engages with her audience in an authentic and relatable way. She puts a new twist on a traditional topic and makes it fun for couples to be on the same page with finances so talking about money doesn’t have to be painful.

– Curtis & Kelly


Money is the last thing that should get in the way of a happy marriage.

As a financial advisor turned Certified Professional Financial Coach, she has helped hundreds of couples to get on the same page and in control of their finances.

Amy has a master’s degree in public health from Boston University and contends that financial well-being is a public health issue. But, it doesn’t have to be so hard. The stress that mismanaged money adds to marriage is 100% avoidable and Amy is on a mission to help couples overcome this tension and truly thrive.

Outside of the office, Amy and her husband served on the Couples Coaching Couples board of directors from 2015-2020.

Amy guarantees:

You'll feel known.

Relatable real-life examples will have you blushing, elbowing, and laughing with relief.

You'll find hope.

You may have thought, despite all your efforts, that getting on the same page about money was out of reach. Not anymore.

You'll walk away with a plan.

In addition to learning three practical steps that will transform how you see your money, you will receive a budgeting template that you can implement immediately.

Amy has helped hundreds of couples manage their money with confidence.

But most importantly, she helps couples transform.

After working with Amy, couples across the board are happier, healthier, and more optimistic about their futures because they aren’t burdened by financial stress anymore.


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