Master your money, together.

The Money Clarity Intensive helps couples crush their financial goals by getting on the same page about their money and into a budgeting system that works in real life.

It’s easy to put off the money talk.


As a couple, you want confidence that you’re doing the best you can with your money — to move from “we’re probably fine” to actually progressing towards financial freedom. But, knowing how to break free from the same old money arguments to land on any shade of common ground can feel downright overwhelming.

After working for several years as a financial advisor, I realized that the majority of couples didn’t need to know what they should be doing (like saving for retirement), they needed to know how to make it happen in real life (like agreeing on where the extra savings were supposed to come from).

Marriage has enough challenges.


This will help.

The Money Clarity Intensive will help you drop the nagging feeling that you could be doing better and gain confidence that what you’re doing today is actively building the life you want down the road.


See eye to eye with your spouse.

Don’t worry. I specialize in making even the touchiest topics easy to navigate.

Organize your money with a fresh perspective.

You’ll see your income and expenses like you’ve never seen them before.

Adopt a budgeting system to achieve your goals.

Here’s the fun part: I’ll do the heavy-lifting of creating your budget for you.

Before our Money Clarity Intensive, we were pretty good about keeping track of our monthly expenses and paying our bills on time, but we never had much money left over.

Amy’s system has helped us save for retirement and life’s other unexpected surprises. Now, we sleep much easier at night and actually like talking about our finances instead of dreading it!

– Rita & Dave

Amy gave us the tools we needed to take control of our finances so we can focus on living the life we’re creating together rather than wasting time arguing about money.

Amy taught us how to work together to tell our money what to do rather than being passive bystanders. As a result, we have created healthy saving and spending habits.

– Terri & Eric

Before meeting with Amy, we did not have a financial plan to address debt and our goals for the future. This led to poor communication and arguments over money.

After meeting with Amy, we now have clarity about our finances and our communication about our finances is much better. We have a plan and are on the same page.

– Kinya & Jimmy

Hi! I’m Amy.


Say what? Stick with me — this matters. I worked as a financial advisor for several years, so I can talk about all things money. But, what I found most couples really needed was someone to help them get on the same page about their finances and a budgeting system to get them where they wanted to go.

That’s why I shifted my focus, became a Certified Professional Financial Coach, and created the Money Clarity Intensive. Today, that’s all I offer.

Let’s talk about if it’s right for you.


Here’s how it works.

We’ll start by defining your goals.

In this two-hour intensive, I’ll help you navigate a heart-to-heart about the things that really matter in your home.

If this part feels nerve-wracking, it’s not! I promise.

Then, build a clear path to reach them.

Based on detailed numbers you’ll send prior to our meeting, I’ll come to the table with a personalized budget to help you see your money with aha (!!!!) kind of clarity.

You’ve never seen your money like this.

So you’ll know you’re on the best track.

You’ll walk away with a legit plan to conquer the day-to-day so, together, you can build the life you want.

It might surprise you, but most couples find getting into the nitty-gritty of their monthly budgets is the best part!

It’s a bold claim, but it couldn’t be truer —


Let’s start with a short call to make sure the Money Clarity Intensive is right for you.

You’ll walk away knowing that you’re doing the best you can with your money.



A done-for-you budget and implementation guidance.


Resources to help you set goals, save, and pay off debt on an ongoing basis.


Two weeks of ask-as-much-as-you-want access to me!


The ability to add a paid session with me anytime you need to work through a change.

Not sure if your spouse will be into it?

Let’s start with a complimentary call to feel things out.

You might still be wondering…

We're in debt; is this for us?

Yes! The Money Clarity Intensive is for all couples anywhere on their financial journey. In fact, couples who complete the intensive create a clear plan to pay off debt, just like this couple did:

We paid off $84,000 of debt following the plan that Amy created for us! The budget she created for us was so simple to follow. Working with Amy has brought nothing but joy. She is the secret sauce in our finances!
– Cheryl & Saleem

We're not in trouble financially; is this for us?

I’ll be honest, the Money Clarity Intensive is especially for you.

Most couples I work with are doing well financially. They may have even gone through other financial programs and feel like they’re about 80% of the way to “getting it right.” But, there’s that 20% gap that represents the things they feel like they will probably never overcome, like getting on the same page about gift-giving, travel expenses, or when they’ll retire. Tackling the 20%, once-and-for-all, is precisely what this intensive is about.

My spouse may resist this. What do you recommend?

Talking about money can be, well, sensitive. I get it. Let’s jump on a 30-minute complimentary call with your spouse. It’s an easy way to overcome reservations, make sure our personalities jive, and get a good sense of what we’ll accomplish and how we’ll get there. I’ve never had a spouse not want to move forward after that call (true story).

Do you offer long-term financial coaching?

The good news is, after the Money Clarity Intensive, couples don’t tend to need ongoing support. The budgeting system we establish during our time together will carry you as far as you want to go. There are instances, however, when our circumstances or goals change. In that case, you’re always free to reach out to schedule a one-off session with me to adjust! I love staying in touch with couples. If you prefer more regular coaching, I’ll hand-select a recommendation following the intensive.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $795 and includes a two-hour call to get you and your spouse on the same page, a customized budgeting system carefully designed to help you reach your goals, and two weeks of unlimited access to me via email for follow-up questions.

Fun fact: Every couple I’ve worked with has increased their savings by at least the cost of the intensive in the first few months of implementation.

Have another question?
Let’s talk about it.

Ready For a Change?

You know that nagging feeling you have about your money? It’s not going anywhere. I’ll help you join forces with your spouse and adopt a system that has you paying off the house, retiring early, or achieving the goals that matter most to you.


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