I’ve been called the Marie Kondo of personal finances.



It’s not about how much you have.

Most people think about money as a gatekeeper, the thing keeping us from what we want. But really, adopting the right money strategy makes what we want possible. It’s the difference between money calling the shots and you taking the wheel.

That’s why my approach gives you everything you need to take control. First, you’ll see your money with crystal clarity. Then, you’ll adopt a budgeting system that keeps you cruising towards your financial goals.


See your money from a radically new perspective.


Learn to strategically pay off debt so it stays paid off.


Feel confident you’re doing the best you can with your money.

A strategic plan is your secret weapon.

After getting divorced, I had to get my finances in order without a partner. Amy helped me to get organized, to establish a plan to pay off debt, to save, and to have peace of mind about taking care of my family.

In less than 2 years, I have paid off all of my debt and reached most of my savings goals. Amy makes it all so doable and has saved me countless hours trying to figure it out on my own!

– Shayna

I was making more than enough money and somehow I was always always broke, always stressed, and always behind on everything. I‘ve tried NUMEROUS budgeting methods (envelope, YNAB, automating transfers and bills, etc.), but I couldn‘t sustain any of them.
Working with Amy, Ive paid off my taxes, gotten current on my bills, and put thousands in savings in only 3 months. I have so much space in my brain now to focus on other areas of my life.

– Kelley

Amy saved my life! I have always felt so stressed and overwhelmed with budgeting and never felt I could quite get above water with debt or savings. Amy rescued my finances by creating a step-by-step plan to pay-off debt, start saving for retirement, and overall get my life together!

I wish I had talked to her sooner! Thank you Amy!!!

– Angelica

My method was born out of necessity.


After having our first child, our family’s expenses rose exponentially. Determined to reduce our financial stress, I began reading books on money management and personal finance.

Applying the lessons I learned, my husband and I reevaluated our financial picture, got clear on what purchases were aligned with our goals, eliminated non-essential spending, and determined how much money we needed to cover our living expenses.

I developed a budgeting method that allowed us to stay on top of our monthly expenses, live the lifestyle we desired, and plan for future financial goals.

Keep reading to find out how I got from there to here.

Witnessing the confidence and peace of mind that my husband and I had around money, our friends, neighbors, and colleagues started asking for our secrets so they could also create more freedom in their finances.

It was in supporting my own community that I realized I had a real skill and passion for finances that doesn’t come naturally to most.

Initially, I took a series of exams and became an independent Financial Advisor and Money Manager supporting hundreds of individuals and couples. But over time, I found that the most rewarding aspect of my job was helping my clients manage their daily finances, not the investment piece. So I left my career in financial management and opened my financial coaching business.

Since becoming a financial coach, I have helped my clients get out of thousands of dollars in debt ($92,000 for one client!) and save for important purchases, including houses, vacations, and college education. But most importantly, I’ve seen them transform who they are as human beings. They’re happier, healthier, and more optimistic about their futures because they aren’t burdened by financial stress anymore.

They aren’t worried about not having enough money or feeling trapped by their debt. They feel lighter and free to dream because they have effectively shifted from a mindset of “I’m bad with money” to “I have freedom, power, and control over my finances.”

I remain on a mission to help people do more with their money so they can experience less stress, more financial freedom, and confidence about the wealth of their future.

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