Wanna wipe out your debt & start over?! 💰 Sounds great, right?!

The only catch is that even if all of your debt were paid off, you’d most likely fall back into debt again. IYKYK.

If you want to get out of debt for good, you need to learn to follow a plan for your money. This plan destroys the need to do mental math and bank account budgeting. With a plan, you stop making emotional & often spontaneous money decisions.

You need to see the potential impact of financial decisions on your plan. This allows you to shift from doing something because you “should” to powerfully choosing to do something.

Your brain will always look for the quick fixes to pay off debt. Using a 401k loan, liquidating an IRA, doing a 0% balance transfer or loan consolidation. None of these methods are necessarily bad, but if you use them without a greater plan, you defeat their purpose. The debt comes back.

In the Money Clarity Intensive, I’ll teach you how to follow a plan for your money. You’ll stop feeling out of control, disorganized and at the effect of your debt.

I can help you get out of debt for the last time.

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