Last year, I coached my client Angela on a new Budgeting system not being “enough.”

She was sure we’d have to dive deep into her emotions about money. The way her parents dealt with money. Her feelings of scarcity around money.

She’d tried ALL the budgets – Mint, YNAB, Every Dollar, Excel, etc. There was NO WAY my budgeting system was going to be “enough.”

But while she was thinking a new Budgeting system wasn’t enough, she went deeper into credit card debt and her financial stress reached an all-time high.

Her feelings of stress and overwhelm kept her from taking action at all. She was stuck.

So, she signed up to work together. She went through her income & expenses and put them all into her prep worksheet. She said the process was “anxiety producing AND cathartic.”

She stopped letting “not enough” stop her.

Today she has a budgeting system that makes financial decisions simple and clear.

She’s stopped saying that she’s “bad with money.”

She’s paid off a remarkable amount of debt and has a plan to be debt free in 2024.

Where are you letting “not enough” stop you?

P.S. “Not enough” happens to all of us. It makes the process of getting out of debt take even longer. I work with my clients to see every action as MORE than enough.

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