If you want to get out of debt for the last time, there are things you should stop doing and things you should start doing.

Stop telling yourself – “I’m bad with money.”

Start telling yourself – “Being good with money is a skill I can learn.”

That simple shift in language will have you taking very different actions. If you’re bad with money, why bother changing anything you’re doing? What’s the point?

Nobody was born being “bad with money.” It may not feel like it, but you’re actually benefitting from thinking that. It lets you off the hook. Why ask for help or learn new money management strategies? If you’re “bad with money,” you have a very handy excuse for not taking action.

If being good with money is a skill you can learn, do you want to learn it? It’s OK to feel nervous. It’s OK to feel like it may work for everyone else but not you because your situation is different. It’s OK to feel like you’re drowning or feel like you’ll be OK if you can just get through this month, this quarter, this year…

If this resonates with you, let’s talk.