Do you ever make financial decisions that feel right-ish in the moment?

You book a vacation, you buy that dress, you order takeout for the third time this week…

Sometimes these decisions come from a place of optimism: “I should be fine. I just got paid. I can cover this.” Sometimes they come from a place of resignation: “I’m screwed anyway. What’s another few hundred (thousand) dollars on my credit card?”

The anxiety sets in hours after your purchase. You feel out of control. It’s costing you sleep. It’s making you edgy with your spouse, kids and co-workers.

Tolerating the stress that comes from winging it financially will never get you what you want.

Having a healthy relationship with money will.

It starts with knowing where you stand right now. You need to know where you are to create a path to where you want to be.

Let’s do this together.