I didn’t realize how much my clients worried about me judging them until I started asking on Discovery calls: “What would get in the way of signing up to work together?” And the answer overwhelmingly was: “I don’t want you to see how much of a mess my finances are. It’s embarrassing.”

I get that. I wanted to lose ten pounds before I hired my personal trainer. I wanted to have made some progress on my own before committing to being coached by her. At a certain point, I gave up trying to get it right – for me, that was getting back to the weight I was two years ago – and I showed up to get what I wanted.

Are are you willing to feel embarrassed to get what you want?

Are you willing to feel disappointed in yourself to get what you want?

Are you willing to feel ashamed to get what you want?

You’re a badass woman who gets shit done. In the face of embarrassment, disappointment, shame and even fear.

Let’s do this together.