You’re not bad with money. 

You just don’t know WTF is going on with your money.

You’re guessing, doing mental math, feeling hopeful and then completely screwed. Sometimes in the same 15 minutes. 

You get excited about a huge commission, a raise or a refund. Then it’s gone. It disappears and you have no idea where it went. You feel like shit and lean harder into thinking you suck with money.

But, here’s the thing. The more you think you’re bad with money, the more you do things to prove it. You get out of being responsible for your financial choices when you’re bad with money.

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel of self loathing? Are you over beating yourself up for shitty financial decisions you made in the past?

If not, I’m not your coach. If you wanna hold onto the identity of “financial mess,” be my guest.

If you wanna LEARN to be good with money, I can help you.

Managing money is a skill. I teach a simple system to see your money clearly and make confident financial decisions.

Come join me today in Budget Like a Badass.

P.S. You’re crushing it across the board in life, except with your money. But “bad with money” isn’t who you are!

In Budget Like a Badass, you’ll receive a done-for-you budgeting system based on your unique numbers, a one-on-one strategy call with me, a kickass plan to pay off debt for the last time, and weekly coaching calls with other badass women to overcome obstacles and guarantee success.