How do I get my head around your finances to create an effective financial plan for you? A plan that connects what you’re doing today with your 6 month and 6 year goals?

In order for me to create your plan in Budget Like a Badass Bootcamp, you fill out an income & expense worksheet I email you.

You scour credit card and bank statements and detail how you’ve been spending your money.

This is not about getting it right, it’s about YOU looking at your numbers (judging them is optional) and sharing them with an objective & skilled set of eyes.

I take those numbers and create a plan that allows you to see your money clearly. No more feeling out of control. No more guessing. No more mental math. No more winging it.

You learn what you’ve been doing wrong to manage your finances and simple steps to fix it.

You stop the “financial bleeding” and tighten up the areas where money has been disappearing and making you feel out of control.

You focus on tackling one financial goal at a time.

You get smarter at making financial decisions based on your plan, not on your momentary desires.

You overspend way less, and when you do overspend, you know exactly how to deal with it using your financial plan.

You pay off debt without fear of it coming back.

You spend money without guilt, shame or fear.

Are you ready to let go of fear, embarrassment and shame to get what you really want?

Let’s do this together!