“I’ve tried budgeting a million times, but it just doesn’t work for me!”

An excel sheet listing your income and expenses is just a snapshot. It’s not a budget.

It’s like stepping on a scale and seeing a number. It’s nice information to have, but it doesn’t help you lose weight.

You need a plan.

Budgeting can be simple. You just haven’t been taught a way to manage your money that works.

Tracking your expenses tells you where your money went. But, you need guidance to direct your money where to go.

I teach my clients a simple and doable process to stop overspending, save and pay off debt.

This process will work for you, even if…you’ve made financial mistakes in the past…you think you’re not good with money…you’ve tried a lot of different strategies and none of them have worked.

The truth is, you’re not bad with money. You just need a better plan.