I recently hired a personal trainer. I’m 47 years old, almost 48, and I’ve never hired a personal trainer. Why pay someone to help me work out when it’s something I’m perfectly capable of doing on my own? 

Except, I wasn’t doing it on my own. 

I had every intention to, I promise. I had recurring gym visits in my trusty google calendar, but I made exceptions. I was tired, a meeting popped up on my calendar, I’d rather go for a walk outside than be stuck inside the gym, etc. 

On my own, I took shortcuts. I did a ten minute yoga video in my living room. I took my dog for a walk in my crocs. I lifted five pound weights when I noticed them on my basement floor. All great actions, don’t get me wrong, but all shortcuts that got me where I am today – lethargic and out of shape.

I see you taking the same kinds of shortcuts when it comes to getting your finances organized and getting out of debt. You do a balance transfer “for the last time.” You do mental math to decide what you can spend, and when the mental math becomes too overwhelming, you use a credit card with the plan to “figure it out later.” 

Your shortcuts have gotten you where you are today – stressed out and unclear what to do next. 

Here’s the thing about my personal trainer: she doesn’t let me take shortcuts. I show up to the gym and follow her lead because I said I would, and I want the results she’s promising. I want to feel strong and healthy and more comfortable in my body.

Working with a personal trainer is inconvenient, expensive and hard, but it’s getting me the physical & mental results I want. If I knew I’d show up for myself so powerfully and feel so fulfilled, I would have signed up way sooner. It’s worth it. I’m worth it. 

On our own, we make exceptions, we take shortcuts, we avoid action. Working with a coach, we agree to try new strategies, to be held accountable, to push ourselves in ways that expand what’s possible for us. 

Are you willing to be inconvenienced to have what you want? Are you willing to get messy, be vulnerable and show up when you don’t want to so you can go from feeling stressed about money to feeling at ease and in control? 

Are you willing to do 20 push ups when on your own you know you’d stop before 10? Just like my personal trainer sees me as stronger than I see myself, I see my clients the same way – and they show up as that stronger version of themselves on every call we have. 

If you’re ready to 10X the results you’re creating on your own, schedule a discovery call with me today.