Stop working your ass off and having no idea where your money is going.

Ignorance doesn’t lead to bliss in this area of life. It leads to feeling out of control. Not knowing if you’re spending too much or saving enough or paying off debt the “right” way leads to unwanted stress and anxiety.

Life has enough challenges. Stress about money shouldn’t be one of them.

So, how do you combat financial stress? There are courses and apps and podcasts galore. But, in my nine years of experience, the answer is A PLAN.

Think about it. You regain control the second you decide to follow a plan. An eating plan, an exercise plan, a study plan, a savings plan.

In order to create YOUR PLAN, you complete an income & expense worksheet and share it with me 48 hours before our 2-hour deep dive into your numbers.

You go through credit card and bank statements and list how you’ve been spending your money.

I take those numbers and create a kickass plan that allows you to see your money clearly. No more ignorance. No more feeling out of control. No more guessing.

You learn what you’ve been doing wrong to manage your finances and simple steps to fix it.

You stop the “financial bleeding” and tighten up the areas where money has been disappearing and making you feel out of control.

You focus on tackling one financial goal at a time.

You get smarter at making financial decisions based on your plan, not on your momentary desires.

You successfully get over the hump you’ve experienced so many times around budgeting.

You overspend way less, and when you do overspend, you know exactly how to deal with it using your financial plan.

You’re excited about the future and what’s possible.

You pay off debt without fear of it coming back.

You sleep through the night without worry about money.

You sit through office meetings without worrying about money.

You go on vacation without worrying about money.

You buy groceries, clothes, medications, etc. without worrying about money.

You spend money without guilt, shame or fear.

Are you ready?