What emotion do you feel most often about money?

Most of my clients come to me with a mixture of anxiety and overwhelm.

When you feel anxious and overwhelmed, you often get paralyzed by indecision. You don’t trust yourself because of past financial decisions you made that didn’t work out well. You blame yourself for the result of those decisions, and you feel incapable of moving forward.

Have you ever been paralyzed by this cycle of anxiety, overwhelm and blame?

One key to breaking out of this cycle is feeling hope. When you FEEL hopeful, you shed the paralysis. You shift to a space where making decisions and trusting yourself is possible. Your circumstances don’t change overnight, but the feeling you have about your circumstances changes dramatically.

Do you want to feel hope about your financial future? Do you want to trust yourself to make financial decisions and create possibilities for your future that don’t seem within your reach now?

You are a smart, capable and powerful woman. It’s time to transform your thoughts around money that are holding you back.

Inside my three month financial coaching partnership, you learn to manage your finances like the badass you are.